Our Story

Hello, my name is Jacob Smith and thank you for visiting this website for my business TJ Activewear. I am an everyday teenager who appreciates playing sports and always being active.  


"Live for moments. Enjoy those moments". 


 Life isn't always easy; mine has been a challenging journey and has made me who I am.  


At the age of two, I was excited at the impending birth of a sister, and I had the fantastic opportunity to name her Tarsha Jade Smith. Unfortunately, Tarsha did not survive past her birth, and this had a massive impact on me because I had somehow developed a strong connection with her, and I still have it to this day. It will always be there.  


Although I was young at the time of losing Tarsha and didn't truly grasp the concept of loss and grief, it had an overwhelming impression on me and my mental health.  


While at school, I suffered from depression and other mental health challenges.  


In 2019, at the end of year 10, I found an outlet for the pain, sadness and anger within me. The answer was fitness. It was an escape where I could get away from others by going for a run, lifting weights or kicking a footy. As a result, over the coming months, my mental health grew healthy, and my outlook on life became more positive. 


Am I lucky? I like to think of myself as fortunate. I found a healthy source to help me with my mental challenges.  


My business was created because of my passion for fitness and the help it has provided me. Help changes lives, and we all face our own unique and individual challenges every day.  


What was paramount in forming TJ activewear was: 


* Dedicating the business to Tarsha Jade, who I always carry in my heart.   


* Creating a business that involves the community and assists in creating a better world. 


I am a person who has strong ethics and morals, and I like to help others.  

There is a lot of assistance available for those with mental health issues. If you feel your mental health can be improved, reach out and get that assistance… maybe you may find answers in physical fitness as I did. 


TJ's is about "Everyday Comfort for Everyday People". 


Kind regards and all the best on your journey,